Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 Written and lettered by John Layman, drawn and colored by Rob Guillory, published by Image Comics.

Officer Tony Chua is a Cibopathic. When he takes a bite out of something organic (be it plant or human) he can see its life. Obviously, such a special skill has made him a very practical officer in the F.D.A. Who, in this near future, is the most powerful law agency in the states.

In essence a comical series that has serious, sometimes tragic elements thrown in. A diverse and crazy cast of characters that you learn to appreciate, love and in cases, hate over the years. Writer John Layman keeps us interested, and most importantly, entertainment throughout.

Artist Rob Guillory's art is in the cartoonish vein, with an angular style that might take a few pages to get accustomed to but definitely grows on you. While the scripts are hilarious in places, don't discount Guillory's many, many visual gags and Easter eggs.

The series is now winding down in its monthly form and when finished will be a much beloved one to re-read over and over.

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