Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 Written by Brian K Vaughan, drawn and colored by Fiona Staple, lettered by Fonographiks

The short pitch would be Romeo and Juliet meet Star Wars, but that would be unfair to the level of wonder, complexity and simple awesomeness that Saga is. Two people fall in love amid a war between their two races and now they are on the run with their young child, trying to escape from pursuers on both sides. 

Like the very best writers, Brian K. Vaughan presents complicated characters that aren't truly good or evil, but flawed creatures that will sometimes do both deeds.  it makes the stories that much more appealing. Compelling with dialogues that sound like gold.

The art (line art and colors) by Fiona Staple is nothing to sneeze at either. The thing's like eating cake. A really delicious cake. She conveys emotion with simple brush strokes. The action, when there is any, has weight, it has consequence, and it packs an emotional punch. 

Go, no RUN, and catch up!:

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