Monday, June 27, 2016


Written by Rick Remender, drawn by Wes Craig and Colored by Lee Loughridge. Published by Image Comics.

the idea of a school for gifted youngsters is not a new concept. The idea originated with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's classic X-Men. Deadly Class, however offers an interesting spin on the concept by making the school a place where teenagers go to learn to be assassins. Even with that twist the most interesting thing about writer Rick Remender's series is the exploration of teenage angst. At that age, emotions are at fleur de peau (raw) and everything that we feel and experience is over-dramatic and life-important. Except that in this series, everything really is. Your past chases you and death is always around the corner. Remender has distilled the teenage experience into a thrilling, tense, violent and totally engrossing comic book series.

Artist Wes Craig's contributor is an important one as his stripped down style and imaginative layouts conveys the stories perfectly and lends a sense of hypertension to the various goings-on.

Wonderful, moody colors by Lee Loughridge and subtle, but effective, lettering by Rus Wooton.

Deadly Class is among the very best series published today. Catch up with the trade paperbacks:

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