Thursday, June 23, 2016


Written by Fred Van Lente , drawn by Guiu Vilanova, Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Detective Sebastian Greene is a weird guy. He seems to talk like movie and TV detectives. He's stiff and hard to get a read on but he's a hell of a detective in New York City's Minor crimes unit. Problem is that he wasn't always this good. That fact is not lost on his superiors who want to know why he got this good.

Give credit to writer Fred Van Lente who reveals the truth almost right off the bat but it in no way makes it less interesting. Shades of the 1980s movie The Hidden and to some degree, another great series from the very same publisher, Resident Alien. It is reminiscent of various genre tropes but it is executed extremely well and with a wicked sense of humor.

Very good art from Guiu Vilanova, that tells the story quite well and conveys the small moments as well as the more outrageous ones

First in a five issue miniseries that is well worth picking up. Available through your local Comic book shop or digitaly on Comixology:

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