Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Written and drawn by Peter Bagge. Published by Fantagraphics.

One of comics' truly love-to-hate (pardon the soon to be evident pun) characters, Buddy Bradley has fascinated, infuriated and surprised fans from his creation in 1980 up until his last appearance in 2011. 

Most of his life was chronicled in the comic book series Hate, but he was truly introduces to the masses Peter Bagge's Neat Stuff magazine. In Meet the Bradleys, we are introduced to Buddy's dysfunctional family: Pops, Mom, Babs and Butch Bradley. This book collects all of Bagge's early Buddy tales from Neat Stuff. In it we witness him spending time with his friends Tom and Kevin, driving around, stoned, interacting with the rest of his family but the truly priceless moments are Buddy's constant fights with his sister.  There's a rawness to the early work that is extremely appealing for its immediacy.
Peter Bagge was a singular cartoonist voice in the 1980s, able to express the frustration and rage of a generation stuck in an modern society full of ennuis. His output has lessened over the years but each time a new work of his emerges, it is worthy of note