Sunday, June 19, 2016


Written by Ed Brubaker, drawn by Steve Epting, coloured by Elizabeth Breitweiser, lettered by Chris Eliopoulos, Published by Image Comics.

A spy/mystery/adventure that turn the conventions of the genre on its head and puts the seemingly harmless secretary in the super-spy role. Think old style James Bond's Miss Moneypenny, but lethal. The story and mystery are quite engaging but one can't say enough about the gorgeous line art and colours. I feel like dressing up in a suit just to read this thing.

Ed Brubaker is the writer who revitalized Captain America for Marvel Comics, created the Winter Soldier and produces some of the best noir and spy comics around. the story is smart, the dialogue sharp and the pace brisk.

Steve Epting was born to draw these kind of period/Cold War pieces. Not only is the figure work beautiful but the settings, clothes and vehicles are dead on for the time period. Colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser Cannot be ignored as she adds to the mood with her effective color palette.

Discover the first two volumes of this wonderful series here:

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