Friday, July 1, 2016


                                          MOON KNIGHT: FROM THE DEAD
Written by Warren Ellis, drawn by Declan Shalvey and colored by Jordie Bellaire. Published by Marvel Comics.

Moon knight has always been viewed as the poor man's Batman. A character that has had a hard time holding on to any regular publishing schedule since the 1980s. Many talented creators have taken a stab at him, but the idea of a vigilante afflicted by multiple personalities disorder, a great concept mind you, is tough to realize successfully. While writer Brian Michael Bendis explored that aspect in a run a few years back, it is strangely this iteration written by Warren Ellis that really sings. 

Marc Spector rides along (and alone) in a strech limo helping out the police on the more...peculiar cases that they encounter. The multiple personalities aspect is lightly threaded but it just serves as background to this interesting, strangely straightforward take on the character.
Artist Declan Shalvey Take on the character is equally as interesting as Moon Knight never truly wears his traditional superhero costume but rather, impeccably tailored suits that are totally white (brilliantly visualized by a total absence of color on him, except when he takes off his mask. just part of the brilliant color work of Jordie Bellaire).

Unfortunately, the fun only lasted 6 issues but what a ride this was. get the collected edition through here:

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