Monday, June 13, 2016


Written by Greg Rucka, drawn and lettered by Michael Lark, coloured by Santiago Arcas, published by Image Comics.

A fascinating sci-fi/mystery/adventure story about a near-future controlled by corporations and their mafia-like system used to control the masses. Forever Carlyle is the genetically enhanced enforcer of her family's holdings. 

Questions of human decency, greed, power and territories are explored in a story that keeps the reader riveted to the page. Writer Greg Rucka is extremely good at world building and it pays off as it all becomes quite engrossing.

The art (line drawings and colors) convey a range of moods and emotions that carry the story forward while displaying the cold and ugly reality in which the well-rounded characters live in. Michael Lark is a skillful graphic storyteller.

Catch up on the story with the first four trade paperbacks (Amazon Canada links):

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