Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DAREDEVIL Vol.1 #1-11

DAREDEVIL Vol.1 #1-11
The very first comic book I ever remember reading was a Daredevil comic. I was probably six or seven and the character struck a cord right away. No real superpower to talk of really, except for a "radar sense" that helped the blind hero in his fight against criminals. The striking red devil costume, the swashbuckling attitude, his cane used as a weapon. I was sold. 

It is a fascinating experience to re-read those old comics every ten years or so. Obviously, the scripting by comic book legend Stan Lee, is extremely dated and in places, shows a chauvinistic attitude that is borderline uncomfortable but the excitement of the new Marvel age of comics was evident on every page. 
The first 11 issues of Daredevil (starting in April 1964) are wonderful to look at on an artistic level as they featured the works of comics legends Bill Everett (Daredevil co-creator along with Lee and Jack Kirby), and EC Comics veterans Joe Orlando and Wally Wood. On a purely visual level, those comics are simply marvelous (pardon the pun). 
While Daredevil's original villains were not memorable (at least for the right reasons) these comics did feature the first appearance of The Purple Man, who mass audiences went on to discover in the Jessica Jones Netflix Series.

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