Friday, June 17, 2016



Written by Joe Hill and Michael Benedetto, drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez, colours by Ryan Hill 

This miniseries reunites the creative team of the acclaimed Locke and Key series in what is essentially an adaptation of scripts that writer Joe Hill had done as a proposals for a revival of the anthology TV show Tales from the Darkside

In sleepwalker a young man who likes to party too much and works as a lifeguard just might be responsible for the death of a woman. Guilt and sorrow are water in the mill of cosmic balance as the fate of 4 people interlock. 
A well written tale that shows its TV origins in structure and inspiration. The art is quite attractive and shows good visual storytelling skills. It is also reminiscent of the work of classic comic book artist P. Craig Russell, with it's clean lines and detailed execution. 

First in a four issue miniseries that is well worth picking up. Available through your local Comic book shop or digitaly on Comixology:

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