Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Leonardo Manco. Published by Marvel Comics.

Druid, published in 1995, was a truly nasty piece of work from Warren Ellis' early career as he took a second-rate Doctor Strange-like character called Doctor Druid, and gave him a Vertigo-ish treatment.

There's truly nothing redeeming about this character's interpretation here and one can only feel sorry for the supporting cast, who have basically ventured into a Lion's den. It's a morbidly fascinating comic book work.
Artist Leonardo Manco's somber, scratchy art is well-suited for this dark tale, making this a truly hellish, uncomfortable reading experience.

Originally pitched as an ongoing series, the book had to end abruptly with it's fourth issue. No trade collection has been published so hunting for back issues through online comics retailers and conventions are your best bet of getting your hands on this oddity.

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