Sunday, July 17, 2016


Written by Brian K. Vaughan, drawn by Marcos Martin and colored by Muntsa Vicente

Brian K. Vaughan has proven to be one of the most respected comic book writers of the last decades, while not the most prolific (working in the more lucrative TV series arena has taken time away from his comics work), every time he does a project it becomes an event. 
A tale set in the future, where the internet cloud bubble burst and everyone's secrets spilled out for everyone to see. In this future privacy is the way of life. Almost everyone wears a disguise (sometimes, several). Activities are conducted in total anonymity and the population's home life is sacred.

When a private detective is approached by a woman to investigate her sister's murder, he discover a plot that will threaten society as it is now.

While not one of Vaughan's best works, The Private Eye is a clever, and original premise, that delivers plenty of thrills, patented BKV twists and an exciting ending.

Kudos to artist Marcos Martin for really going to bat with his imaginative costume designs that truly bring the reader into this world. Imaginative layouts, simple but appealing renderings make this story a truly fun read.

Serialized in digital form at (Where you can acquire the entirety of the story for whatever you'd like to pay!), it was also collected in hardcover form from Image Comics, which you can purchase through this link:

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