Sunday, July 3, 2016


                                                     SOUTHERN BASTARDS 
Written by Jason Aaron, drawn and colored by Jason Latour, lettered by Jared K. Fletcher, published by Image Comics.

Earl Tubb is a beast of old man with unresolved issues. Euless Boss is a high school football coach with no patience for anyone who doesn't want to play his own way. And that's just a sampling of the bastards on display here.

Certainly a contender for best new comic book series of the last few years, this southern tale of corruption, murder and football will shake you to the bone. In the first volume, Here was a man, I have never wanted to kill a fictional character so much in my life. In the second one, that character's history comes into light and while my dislike of him is undiminished, I understand why he is that way. That is one of writer Jason Aaron's talents: to take us deep into his characters, make us see what makes them tick. 
The story is overflowing with testosterone and the art from Jason Latour sweats from the settings it portrays. As much as the script shines, the gorgeous drawings are next level good. Almost a masterclass on minimalist line use. Alex Toth would be proud.

The issues can't come out fast enough, but you can catch up with the first 3 trade paperbacks here:

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