Monday, July 11, 2016


Cartoonist Kyle baker's first graphic novel, first published in 1988, is a comics masterpiece of satire and social commentary.

Forget Jean Autry and Roy Rogers those Cowboys of your childhood, paragons of virtue and moral fiber, Cowboy Wally took their place today: fat, a cheater, weak, vicious, rough, profit minded and completely stripped of scruples. With such "qualities", one would not be astonished that he made his career in movies and television. The book, cut out in chapters, presented in non-chronological order, resembles a success story in reverse. Wally the cowboy tries it all, cinema, theme parks,TV shows, toys... and fails at it all with equal mediocrity.
This story of a D list TV movie/actor who just lucks into monetary success is a testament to the entertainment industries' valueless regime and the public's lowest values and tastes. Interestingly enough, one gets the sense that Wally knows his shortcomings but also realizes the chance he's been presented to give himself a good life and he exploits that to the last drop. Wally is the every day man, the slob who just has an incredible run of luck.
A sharp script and brilliant comedic timing make this book one of the best modern satires in comics. Kyle Baker's art is clear, sparse but full of expressive bravado. His graphics are classic and modern at the same time, combining clear storytelling and attractive imagery. 

The Cowboy Wally Show is a must in any serious fan of the medium's library. get it here:

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