Friday, July 15, 2016


                                                                       THE PRO 
Written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. Published by Image Comics. 

Garth Ennis' disdain for the superhero genre is not a secret and the few ventures that he has made into it, certainly shows his feelings on his sleeve.

In The Pro, a decidedly less visceral approaches is taken and Ennis drives his point about the genre with humor and, dare I say it? A certain melancholy. 
The Pro tells the story of a prostitute who gains superpowers and joins a super team. It contrasts two very different worlds, one very much set in the comic book world of a Justice League of America circa-1965 and the gritty reality of a woman who has chosen prostitution to make her way through what was without a doubt a very difficult life. The book would be depressing if it wasn't for the protagonist's "that's just life" attitude and Ennis' clever handling of the situations and humor.
Published in mid-2002, this was a relatively early work of penciler Amanda Connor. While not as polished as some of her later works, it does present clear visual storytelling, well rendered figures that convey body language and emotions.

The humor is crude, but in many places, laugh out loud funny.

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