Tuesday, July 5, 2016


                                                               CRYPTOCRACY #1 
Written by Van Jensen and drawn by Pete Woods. Published by Dark Horse Comics

Since before recorded history, nine families have controlled and orchestrated society, people and regimes from the shadows. Deeper than the illuminati, they have professed the world's best interest from their viewpoints. But a flaw in one of the family's plans might have triggered a coup from one or several powerful entities who were unknown to even them.

Fascinating premise to this series from Van Jensen, who in one issue packs a lot of information, world building and character development without losing its' readers in unnecessary exposition.

Great art from Pete Woods that skates the line between realistic and cartoony making the various goings-on a lot easier to accept. Woods even makes the quieter scenes dynamic never losing the reader's attention along the way. The coloring (also by Woods?) is flashy but works to enhance the line art.
Another great series from Dark Horse Comics who is proving to be one the most ballsy "mainstream" comics publishers these days.

Available through your local Comic book shop or digitally from Dark Horse Digital: https://digital.darkhorse.com/profile/6831.cryptocracy-1/

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